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eleven. To commit or apply oneself to a thing, regarding a subject of research: Unsuccessful in math, the coed turned to biology.

one. the full price of income in a company all through a specific time. The organization had a turnover of $100,000 last year. omset مُجْمَل حَرَكَة البَيْع оборот movimento complete obrat der Umsatz omsætning τζίροςfacturación, volumen de ventas käive مقدار فروش liikevaihto chiffre d'affairesמחזור बिक्री promet, utržak (üzleti) forgalom pemasukan velta (giro/quantity d'affari) 総売上高 총 매출액 apyvarta apgrozījums pusing ganti omzetomsetningobrót د خرڅیدلو اندازه movimento total cifră de afa­ceri оборот obrat promet obrt omsättning จำนวนซื้อขาย; เงินที่เก็บได้ทั้งหมด ciro 營業額 загальна вартість продажу بکّري، مجموعي آمدني doanh thu 营业额

two. (occasionally foll by round) to change or cause to alter positions by transferring as a result of an arc of a circle: he turned the chair to deal with The sunshine.

5. to go round. They turned the corner. om gaan يَلْتَفُّ حَوْل завивам dar a volta obejít biegen um dreje omkring στρίβωdoblar ümber (millegi) minema دور زدن kääntyä tourner לְהִסתוֹבֵב इधर उधर देखना zaobići, obići bekanyarodik memutari fara/beygja fyrir girare 曲がる 돌다 pasukti už apiet membelok omgaangå rundtobjechać, obejść دور وهل dar a volta a se întoarce поворачивать zahnúť zaviti okoli skrenuti svänga runt, vika om, runda หัน köşeyi dönmek 繞過 обходити навкруги گفتگو کرنا đi dạo 绕过

c. To induce (a scale) to move up or down so as to sign-up excess weight: Even a feather will switch a delicate scale.

vi +prep obj he turned down a aspect Road → er bathroom in eine Seitenstraße ab ? change in vi her toes transform in when go to the website she walks → sie läuft nach innen, sie läuft über den großen Onkel (inf)

? change round (esp Brit) vi (= face other way) → sich umdrehen; (= return) → umkehren; to turn spherical and return → umkehren; to turn spherical and go back to camp → ins Lager zurückkehren; he just turned spherical and hit him → er drehte sich einfach um und schlug ihn

consequently one by one, one by one, in succession, 1 soon after another There have been cheers for All and sundry because they spoke subsequently.

improve, switch - move into a problem progressively, take on a selected residence or attribute; come to be; "The weather conditions turned horrible"; "She grew angry"

convert - to interrupt and switch more than earth Primarily by using a plow; "Farmer Jones plowed his east subject final 7 days"; "change the earth in the article source Spring"

switch on, turn on - lead to to work by flipping a swap; "turn on the light"; "activate the stereo"

transform - trigger to alter or develop into a thing different;presume new attributes; "The princess turned the frog into a prince by kissing him"; "The alchemists attempted to transform lead into gold"

(= get chaotic) just after a brief relaxation, they turned to their work again → nach einer kurzen Pause machten sie sich wieder an die Arbeit

to go to this site turn the clock again we will not switch the clock again → no podemos dar marcha atrás or volver al pasado

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